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Reach out to us for a tailored experience.

What should I expect on my first visit?

We will evaluate your specific needs and discuss what services will provide you with the best results for your individualized one-on-one care plan.

Do you Accept Insurance?

At this time we accept HSA, FSA, and CC and will not be billing insurances. This allow us to provide the services that are most beneficial to each patient/customer and keep their overall healthcare costs down. you are welcome to submit your own claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. When requested, we will provide you with a detailed invoice which contains all the pertinent information needed to submit a claim to your insurance company. Edge Osteopractic Physical Therapy does not file insurance claims. This will allow the PT and patient to establish a tailored skilled physical therapy session without the constraints and hinderance of third-party contracts. Edge Osteopractic Physical Therapy has adopted the cash-based PT model in order to lower your costs and provide premium physical therapy services. Physical Therapists in many clinics only see patients during their initial evaluation and then again during a re-evaluation or discharge. Often times certain clinics schedule 2-4 patients per hour which leads to needing help from assistants, aides and technicians to instruct and progress patient’s treatments. I have been in these environments and these situations are stressful for the staff and the patients. Many of these clinics are driven by units and its standard to make sure each patient is billed 3-6 units each session with many patients being scheduled for 12-24 PT sessions usually 2-3x/week for 6-12 weeks. These types of practices leave patients with expensive physical therapy bills and high healthcare costs. Most insurances have out-of-pocket annual deductibles and co-pays per visit that patients are financially responsible for paying prior to their insurance covering a set percentage of each service. My goal is to provide the highest standard of care, offer evidence-based treatment interventions and get you better faster with less out of pocket expenses. You will play an active part in the decision making of your care and I will do my best to tailor my treatments to help you meet your personal goals and expectations.

What is Direct access?

Ohio is a direct access state for Physical Therapy and that means that a patient can seek the assistance of a licensed Physical Therapist directly for evaluation and treatment without a prescription or referral from a physician. In the state of Ohio there are some provisions to this rule which are all met at Edge Osteopractic Physical Therapy. If you do have a referral for Physical Therapy that is ok, the Physical Therapist will look at the referral and see if its something that we can help you with. With direct access Physical Therapists are able to begin seeing and treating patients in need without delaying care and reduces the cost of physician visits. Edge Osteopractic Physical Therapy will keep in close contact with your primary care if its something that needs discussed with your provider during your care.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment, FSA/HSA/HRA payments also welcome. There is a payment link you will be able to pay securely online or in the clinic prior to service.

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments are reserved especially for you and time will be blocked out for your personal tailored treatment. We respectfully ask that you be considerate of others time and if you need to cancel do so in a timely manner. Please provide at least 24-48 hours notice. We understand life happens just please give us a call and we can work something out or reschedule in order to avoid being charged full price for your visit.

How do I book an appointment?

Options include booking online, emailing, or calling to schedule an appointment.

Evaluation 1:1 Comprehensive Assessment

Mandatory For Each Patients' First Visit
$ 150
  • 45-60 Minutes

Dry Needling Treatment

Specialty Treatment
$ 60
  • 20-30 Minutes

Manual Therapy Treatments

Specialty Treatment
$ 50
  • 30 Minutes
  • Includes either IASTM, Cupping, Manipulation or Mobilization

Body Tempering Treatments

Specialty Treatment
$ 25
  • 15 Minute Session for $25
  • 30 Minute Session for $50

Home Exercise Programs

Establishing, educating, reviewing and instructing exercises as necessary
$ 25
  • 15 Minute Session